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Welcome to Alma Hair Studio! While we pride ourselves in mastering our craft, we also feel it is very important to give the best experience to our guests. Our hair salon specializes in every aspect in hair design from creative color that enhances your natural beauty to expert designer haircuts that are tailored to each individual guest. Our certifications surpass just color and cuts, as we offer personalized hair enhancements, Men's Grooming, and Vital Hair Treatments for all of your hair needs.

Alma Hair Studio originated when our two beautiful co-founders, Bianca and Lannie, decided to make a change in their careers. Bianca and Lannie wanted to create a space where anyone can feel comfortable and pampered inside and out. Their several-year supportive and vivacious dynamic is reflected in everything from their space to their work, and in creating Alma Hair Studio.  Education is key for Alma stylists, and we believe that it is imperative to teach each guest proper hair etiquette to ensure longevity in healthy beautiful hair.

“Alma” is described as “feeding one's soul” or “lifting one's spirit.” We embrace this mantra here at the studio. Alma also values relationships and family-- and the name was initially created as an acronym: each letter represents Bianca and Lannie’s children’s names. Austin, Lennox, Michael, Aidan. 


We can’t wait to see you!


Bianca and Lannie aspire to live freely and happily, doing what they love and forming lasting relationships.



Bianca graduated from the Paul Mitchell School, earning her Cosmetology license in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. With over 7 years in the beauty industry, she has mastered her craft as a colorist and in hair design. Bianca specializes in creative color such as balayage, foliage, and other forms of blonding techniques. She also has extensive knowledge in men's grooming and styling. Looking to switch up your style with some hair extensions? Bianca is your stylist. She is certified in tape-in hair extensions for all of your hair needs. Bianca also values education and its important role in the industry and in her artistry, taking pride in attending educational seminars and classes to continue building her skill set and knowledge in new techniques and hair design. 

“I’ve always dreamt of owning a salon with quality products and giving my guests the knowledge and tools to recreate their looks at home. I knew I had to create the change I wanted to see. I’m so passionate about my craft but I’m even more passionate about meeting new people and creating beautiful relationships.”



Lannie obtained her cosmetology license from Empire Beauty School and has been in the hair industry for 5 years. Lannie specializes in lived-in looks, balayage and blonding. Her certifications extend beyond just color techniques. If you’re looking for healthy hair treatments such as Keratin and conditioning, Lannie’s extensive knowledge in beautiful, healthy hair is just what you need. Lannie also keeps up with the latest cutting, styling and coloring trends, helping to make her clients look and feel amazing. She frequently attends classes and workshops to advance her skills and knowledge of the industry.

“I’ve always been passionate about making my clients look and feel their best.


Maintaining the health and integrity of the hair is my number one goal, while educating clients on proper maintenance and care. I strive to make you feel like family, providing the best experience in our studio is my ultimate goal.”

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